Lido, the legend behind the infamous “Latch” remix, is here for his debut Diplo and Friends mix as Lido, even though he has done a previous Diplo and Friends mix as his Jersey Club alter ego, Trippy Turtle. If you enjoy unreleased gems, remixes to your favorite Lido songs, and flawless mixing then you’ll enjoy this.

The mix begins in a very unique way with a song from the famous barbershop quartet, All 4 One. Soon after he premiered DJ Hoodboi’s remix of Lido’s “I Love You” filled with original vocals and a more sexy spin on this hit. Listen here:

The mix continues to premier two unreleased tracks with vocalist Santell, and one unreleased single with Canblaster. There’s even more unreleased remixes of Lido songs featuring Heavyxmellow and Inodi, which are premiering on his remix album, “I Love You Too” coming out October 27, 2014.

The overall feel to this mix is sexy and laid back, with a few trap gems thrown in there to keep things interesting. This is worth the listen, even if it’s just to hear the immense amount of unreleased tracks to come from Lido in the very near future.

For full stream and tracklist click here: