This past weekend the Electric Sloth team was in attendance at Sacramento, CA’s very first 3-day festival, TBD Fest. Held at West Sacramento’s riverfront, this event featured some of the biggest names in the dance music scene like Justice, Empire of The Sun, Moby, Dillon Francis, and Gramatik to name a few.

Friday night was day one of the event and we were very lucky to have gotten the opportunity to sit down with EDM icon and one of the funniest guys on social media, Dillon Francis for a brief interview.

Electric Sloth: Your debut album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” comes out at the end of the month on Columbia records. This album is very diverse and different from what we’ve seen in the past from you. You’ve released 4 incredibly different singles “Get Low”, “When We Were Young”, “I Can’t Take It”, and you’re latest single “We Make it Bounce” Ft. Major Lazer and Stylo G. How did these collaborations come about?

Dillon Francis: Most of these collaborations came together through the internet. Diplo I had met from one of my old managers who had sent him a song, but the way I got in touch with him was through twitter. Umm..Stylo G. that was Diplo’s thing he got him to do the vocals. Martin Garrix, I saw him on MTV with Julian Jordan they had some song and it said they where 18 and I was like ‘Well my careers going to get ran over by this 18 year old kid.’ So I followed him on twitter cause I really liked the song and then I just hit him up and asked if he could send me a bunch more of his music and he did and I was like ‘Oh my god this kid is a genius,’ so that is how we made ‘Set me Free‘ and it was before ‘Animals‘ was made, and he played me the core progression for Animals’ and I was like “Alright man I’ll see you later you’ll be at the top, I’ll be just here still with everyone else.”

ES: What else can we expect from the album?

Dillon Francis: There is a bunch more, the song with Brendon Urie I don’t think anyone knows what its going to be like at all. I don’t think they can fathom. There probably thinking I did a house song with him or that I did a 110 BPM song or a moombahton song and its not even in that category at all which is awesome. ‘Drunk All the Time,’ everyone thinks they have herd the original but I’ve just been playing out the rebirth I made a long time ago which was the original version. The album just has a bunch of stuff that I listened to when I was growing up and a bunch of stuff that I listen to now.

ES: How did you come up with the title “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”?

Dillon Francis: I actually just posted an Instagram picture showing of how I did it. I just sent one of my managers a email asking if we can make a t-shirt that says “Money Sucks, Friends Rule.” I actually came up with the idea while I was taking a shower. Something probably happened in my life that made me think money sucks, friends rule. I am actually positive that happened i don’t remember exactly that day but I do remember feeling like screw money, moneys cool but friends are way better. And then from the shirt, we didn’t make the shirt yet, and my manager sent me an email saying I needed an album title so we switched to the album name because I had no idea what to name it.

ES: You have now wrapped up the Mad Decent Block Party Tour a couple of weeks ago. What was this year’s experience like?

Dillon Francis: It was just way crazier and way bigger for me with the success of ‘Get Low.’ My stupid Instagram videos got around and more people came to see me now which is awesome! Every time I was there I was like ‘Woah, hey!’

ES: You now have the Mad Decent Boat party coming up as well. Is this the first Mad Decent Boat Party? What can we expect?

Dillon Francis: This is the first ever Mad Decent Boat Party, but I’ve done Holy Ship before so I am a well trained veteran of shipping. Don’t swim in the pool on the ship you will get aids, you will, or probably, I am just putting it out there. Or you’ll just be on molly, automatically. I am just assuming that there are that many ravers in a pool that your going to get something or be on something somehow! You’re going to drink the water by accident and some kids like throwing pills in there in the morning, ‘Everyones going to be happy today!’

ES: Why did you recently decide to remaster “Masta Blasta” in preparation for your new album?

Dillon Francis: That one just came about a while ago actually, I don’t really remember why, I think I just had gotten better at mixing my songs and I was like, ‘Man this is one of the old songs I love playing so much.’ Yea it was just like random I was just sitting at home one day and I was like ‘I am sick of Masta Blasta, lets remaster Masta Blasta.’ And that’s what I did.

ES: What inspired you to remix W&W “Bigfoot”?

Dillon Francis: They asked me to, so there was no inspiration. They asked me at Ultra and I was  like sure why not I’ll do it.

ES: Will there be any other ‘Meowski666’ tracks coming anytime soon? It’s been a year since ‘Meow Machine’ was released.

Dillon Francis: We don’t have time because Jake, Kill The Noise, is working on his album right now. I wish we had more time. I wish I had so much more time to do everything; there is just not enough time, there ya go, best way to put it! There is not enough time in one day, I can’t wake up at 8 and finish everything I need to finish.

ES: While you’re known for your crazy antics and hilarious videos, I’m sure your fans share a lot of the same qualities. What was one fan interaction that stands out in your mind that had you laughing the hardest?

Dillon Francis: I don’t remember any really. I remember one time I walked into a club and some girl whispered into my ear ” I want you to sleep with me” and I turned around and no one was there. It could have been a dude, that was a weird one.

From a true comedian on social media to one of the most beloved and iconic names in dance music, Dillon Francis always surprises us. 2014 has been such an amazing journey thus far for the young and talented producer, with a debut album about to release and a north American tour just around the corner we just wonder, what can we expect in 2015?

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