DILLON FRANCIS has released another track from his new album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule,” expected to be released on Oct 28th. “Set Me Free” is an absolute masterpiece collab with his  young pal MARTIN GARRIX.

Dillon has been ever so slowly releasing tracks to ease us into his album release, and each track gets better and better.  This album is going to be a highlight of his career, with so many collabs and tracks that continue to top the last release.  Always known for his moombah and electro beats, DILLON FRANCIS has always released tracks to get fans moving. “Set Me Free” shows off his moombah roots quite well, and adding even more groovey baselines with MARTIN GARRIX’S style.

“Set Me Free”  – These words repeated as the track begins, slowly leading into synthy electro breaks, building its way up to the drop for a song thats surely to have you moving. From here, well you need to check out the song for yourself to see exactly what is is that fans are so hyped about.

We have all been waiting a long time for Dillon to come out with something new and this album is more than worth the wait.

Pre-Order the album and get “Set Me Free” along with a few other released Dillon tracks:

Listen here:

Dillon Francis:

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Martin Garrix:
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