Dillon Francis has been shooting up the ranks as one of the hottest producers around, and he’s remixed many songs from the likes of Dada Life, Chromeo, W&W and many more. His new remix of Deadmau5’s “Some Chords” is nothing short of amazing. Dillon manages to keep the ominous vibe of Deadmau5’s chord progression while adding his happier Francis flavor on top. The breakdown is a high-energy moombahton banger that will get any crowd going wild. You can hear classic Dillon Francis synths that are very reminiscent of his Steve Angello’s “KNAS” remix and some of his older originals. Below that synth are deep and gritty Deadmau5 synths which meld beautifully with the leads. There’s no way you can escape hearing this track in any upcoming major festivals, moombahton is back.