I woke up today, and began looking through the slew of new music and mixes to find that Calvin Harris has released a new single. “Slow Acid” is really a departure from his “18 months” style. This track is more of an acid trip through a back alley (but in the most fun way possible).

You can’t help but hypnotically move your head and tap your foot to this purely instrumental track. Calvin Harris has been hard at work crafting a predecessor to his highly successful album “18 Months”  with “Motion“. The only track heard off the album besides “Slow Acid” are “Summer” and “Under Control”.  Both tracks are well crafted, but “Slow Acid” is something special as it feels experimental and brand new for the artist famous for the song”Summer” (these days).

The track is also accompanied with a simple yet sharply made music video. So read no more my friends and let your ears and eyes feel the greatness that is “Slow Acid.”

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Also If you can’t wait for “Motion” like me here is the track list for the new album.