Selfie kings Alex Pall & Drew Taggart, or as most know them, THE CHAINSMOKERS have been taking the music streams by storm.  With numerous well-known tracks, like their popular radio hit “Selfie,” it is clear these two are powering their way to success.

THE CHAINSMOKERS have countless originals as well as remixed tracks that have surely showed the versatility and talent beyond a simple selfie. Their newest single “Kanye” featuring SirenXX has given them a whole new outlook; pushing the past aside and something new and great ahead of them. The track’s catchy lyrics will have fans singing “I Wanna Be Like Kanye” for a long time to come. Listen to the track via their Soundcloud.

They have played at festival after festival all over the world and taken the stages with such energy they have left many doubters, as well as lovers, in awe.  Their humor and music have placed them at quite a spot in the dance music scene.

They are currently on their headlining Phase ll King Of Me Tour, and will be gracing us here at Electric Sloth, when we work with them at one of their many stops at Escape All Hallows’ Eve, November 1st, in San Bernandino, California. So, get your iPhones ready – let’s all take one great big selfie together, when we rage to The Chainsmokers‘ set next weekend! We promise, it’s not just their boyish good looks that you’ll be enjoying.

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