Over the past year, 23 year-old Norwegian DJ and producer, Kygo, has emerged as a front running contestant as a future top ranked house music virtuoso, globally. His smooth tropical house tracks and remixes have landed him quiet the following in 2014, as his popularity has skyrocketed through the electronic dance music underground world.

This morning, it was announced Kygo would be joining forces with the music giants Sony Music Entertainment and Ultra Records. Kygo will begin producing original solo compositions with the Sony Music International/Ultra Music Record label. Patrick Moxey, the President of Electronic Dance Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Present of Ultra Records has expressed his excitement to represent Kygo stating, “We’re delighted to be working with Kygo, who is an extraordinarily talented musician, with unique melodies, he represents the new breed of electronic sound.  Kygo’s assembled a massive group of fans through the Internet and we’re excited for the next stage of his growth”, and he couldn’t be more on point.

His remixes have featured an array different artist including DJ favorite Ellie Goulding, Passanger, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and the always classic, Marvin Gaye. Kygo’s, “I See Fire” Ed Sheeran remix has over 11 million plays on Soundcloud, earning a top ten spot in the most played songs of all time on the platform. The same remix has over 40 million views on YouTube and Kygo’s official Soundcloud has now shattered the 80 million mark for total listens from the site’s users. Chris Martin of Coldplay, personally asked Kygo earlier this year to remix, “Midnight”, an honor as the band has been featured in a plethora of EDM stars’ hit tracks, from Avicii to number #1 worldwide ranked DJ, Hardwell. As bright as his past year has been for the palpable musician, the future can only hold magnificent promise.

As most of his songs are remixes and not original compositions, the collaboration will prove the starlets full abilities as all the pieces on the new album are to be 100% all his own. As most know, Ultra Music is one of the world’s leading electronic music labels. Ultra has hada roster of some of the biggest names ever to be noted in the electronic music scene including Wolfgang Gartner, Calvin Harris, Benny Benassi, and Adrian Lux, just to name a few. As these stars of EDM have flourished under Ultra, Kygo is destined for the same path.

His 100 beats per minutes, smooth, sexy flow has Kygo’s first solo North American and European tours have already almost sold every stop that’s is currently offered. Don’t miss out on what Kygo has to come! The Endless Summer North American Tour with Anna Lunoe will continue on September 9th at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York, making its way across the country to Los Angeles for a performance at the Fonda Theatre on October 10th.

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