On January 17th, 2012, Steve Aoki took us out of this world with his first debut album Wonderland. This time around, your team at Electric Sloth got an exclusive look at his next voyage as Aoki transports us into a whole new realm with his second full-length studio album, Neon Future 1.

While Aoki is known for his outrageous character while DJ’ing for the world’s most famous celebrities, insane stunts and parties during performances, and running his own widely successful music label Dim Mak Records; there’s one thing about the internationally pronounced artist, and that’s his talent.

Neon Future 1 was released today and it’s got everything we love about Aoki and more. Teaming up with the biggest names in the music industry, this album has a little something for everyone as Aoki takes listeners on a high intensity, futuristic, and technologically innovative dance floor adventure.

Just as he worked with tons of artist on his first studio album, Wonderland, Neon Future 1 features artist of all different genes. As the album begins to play, one of Google’s directors of engineering Ray Kurzweil introduces us to the neon future by previewing what is in store for the rest of the listening experience.

In their indie electronica style, Empire of the Sun join forces with Aoki next to fully submerge you in the track, “Neon Future”. Fall Out Boy is up next on the album as Aoki throws down with screaming guitars and high-energy electro melodies. To our surprise, Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump’s voice perfectly intertwines within the sounds of the EDM world, making “ Back to Earth” one of the best tracks on the entire album. Long time friend of Aoki, will.i.am makes an appearance for “Born to Get Wild” followed by Waka Flocka Flame in “Rage the Night Away”, both of which are bound to take over clubs globally with their titles that perfectly fit the tone of each track. The pumped up journey continues as “Delirious (Boneless)” with Chris Lake and Tujamo featuring Kid Ink takes its spot on the set list. Aoki released “Delirious” earlier this summer as the first single from Neon Future 1 on June 17th, claiming the number nine spot on Billboard’s US Hot Dance/Electronic chart. Machine Gun Kelly brings his A game in the next track, “Free the Madness” but what’s next to come is a collab we’ve been waiting for. Since their first live set together at EDC Las Vegas 2012, Afroki, the team up of Steve Aoki and the always thrilling Afrojack, have been one of the best match up’s in the EDM scene. The dyad feature stunning vocals on their self-titled track “Afroki” from the talented American singer, songwriter Bonnie Mckee, who is known for her collaboration with Katy Perry, co-writing the hits “California Gurls”, “Teenage Dream”, “Last Friday Night”, “Part of Me”, “Wide Awake” and “Roar”. Finishing up the all-star extravaganza is “Get Me Outta Here”, a powerhouse track made from the purely golden result of putting dubstep king Flux Pavilion in the studio with world renowned Aoki. This track is the perfect closer to this album with its dubstep, electro combination that is truly out of this world. Aoki leads listeners back to reality with “Beyond Boundaries”, showing us a deeper side of Aoki that fans don’t often get a glimpse of.

afrojack steve aoki

All in all, this album will be taking over main stages and clubs on a global scale. EDM might be exploring a more nostalgic, softer side but this album has too many valiant pieces to not devour the music scene. Neon Future 1 perfectly embodies the high energy, melodic anthems that have drawn so many to the electronic music movement. The full album is currently available as a preorder through iTunes and will be released tomorrow morning. Our connection with Aoki has confirmed that the second half of the Neon Future series, Neon Future II will be released in early 2015 via Ultra Music/Dim Mak and will gives us a more complex, vulnerable side of Aoki. With his golden track record and ever evolving talent, Neon Future is a perfect showcase of why Steve Aoki has become one of the leading international DJ/producers in the world and we guarantee this an album you won’t be able to turn down.


Full Track Listing for Neon Future I:
1. Transcendence featuring Ray Kurzweil
2. “Neon Future” featuring Empire of The Sun
3. “Back to Earth” featuring Fall Out Boy
4. “Born to Get Wild” featuring will.i.am
5. “Rage The Night Away” featuring Waka Flocka Flame
6. “Delirious (Boneless)” with Chris Lake and Tujamo featuring Kid Ink
7. “Free The Madness” featuring Machine Gun Kelly
8. “Afroki” featuring Afrojack ft. Bonnie McKee
9. “Get Me Out Of Here” featuring Flux Pavilion
10. Beyond Boundaries featuring Aubrey de Grey

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