When the name DASH BERLIN comes to mind so do the many heart pounding trance hits. Though DASH actually consists of Jeffrey Sutorius, Eelke Kalberg, and Sebastiaan Molijn, most of the time front man Jeff comes to mind when the name is tossed around.  They have always known exactly how to not only get a crowd going, but also create beautiful songs to hit fans deep in the soul.  Very well known for songs such as “Till The Sky Falls Down,” and “Man on the Run,” as well as yearly closing sets day 3 of EDC Las Vegas every year, DASH has always outdone himself time and time again.

Today is one of those days, Jeff has posted a preview of the acoustic version of the very popular hit “Here Tonight” ft. Collin Mcloughlin.  The track has a beautiful guitar riff at the beginning along with piano accompaniment slowly fading in and out.  With Collin’s vocals this acoustic version hits the “feels” even more than the original.  Towards the end of the preview DASH adds in a conga drum; adding even more heart stopping melodies for listeners to enjoy.  Fans can listen here as well as on DASH BERLIN’S page.  Now fans must wait for the full track release date and enjoy this little tease of a preview until then.

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