Progressive house fans: this a song for you!

Producer TOPHER JONES is out with a brand new track featuring vocal stylings of Mark Underdown. This track is definitely one meant to hit you right at the heart and keep you thinking about that special someone.

TOPHER JONES is an American DJ very well known not only for his house tracks, but also for putting Chicago back on the map and giving its’ title back as house capital of the world.  Topher has been one to keep an ear out for over the last couple years with tracks like “Brohammer” as well as a killer remix of the PROJECT 46 song “No One,” along with a variety of tracks released on not only Ultra Records but OWSLA, Spinnin, Garuda and Dim Mak. One thing to love about this guy is is the way he looks at his success, in a past interview he responded “Hard work trumps everything. Be kind, be courteous, be passionate and be grateful. Hard work with that mentality and a little bit of talent can go a long way.”  It is always such a breath of fresh air when producers can truly love what they do and not let it go to their heads.

Especially when they are ones as talented as Topher is. This new track will have you singing your heart out, with its super catchy lyrics and uplifting buildups to upbeat drops. Wake up all you sleepy heads and download this track now! You will be very thankful you did.

Troper Jones: | F | S  | T |