Earlier this month, distraughtly news spread through the EDM world that Avicii would be canceling all future appearances in order to recover from surgery that removed his gallbladder and appendix. Thousands of fans were let down by the news, although the reasoning was more than enough to excuse the absence. Somehow, the electronic music industry always has its way of finding their silver lining, and TomorrowWorld fans are about to find theirs.

Up and coming 22 year-old tropical house king Kyree Gorvell-Dahll, better known under his stage name Kygo, has been drafted to take over the void filled by Avicii’s disheartening health hiatus. Over the past year, Kygo has soared his way to the top of many lists as a favorite in 2014. The ambitious new comer to the house world has used his own style to succeed in the music industry globally. Earlier this month, Kygo announced that he will be releasing his first original album under Sony Music Records and Ultra Music Records.

The go-getter will take the place of the Avicii, who initially inspired him to give it a go at remixes and electronic music after discovering the superstar at the age of 15-16. Now, Kygo’s dreams are being fulfilled as he has secured the main stage headlining spot of his role model, a dream most people will never achieve 🙁 The TomorrowWorld set list officially updated with the change in time for the festival this next weekend.

Kygo is set to take the main stage Friday, September 26th from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. We can’t wait to see Kygo step up to the plate, as he has shown the drive and determination throughout this past year. If we’re right (which we are), this will just be the start of much more to come.