At the recent Summersalt food, art and music festival Electric Sloth had the privilege of sitting down with Adam Tune, David Matisse, and Flowinksy; otherwise known as KEYS N KRATES. These three have been around for a while, with their live electronic sound – bringing a different taste to the music scene.  From the moment we shook hands with these three it was very apparent how down to earth and how passionate they were about what they did.

Electric Sloth: What can fans expect from your new EP title “Every Nite”

Key N Krate’s: It’s kind of just us, trying to do a body of work and have the feel of the mini album; we had  tracks. We really wanted to push our sound further. It has sort of a “clubby” weird rap sound, pitched up vocals samples and big bass and 808s and weird synth sounds and weird sample sounds. But try and rather than doing just a few songs, to do something a little more uniformed, 6 songs a piece.  That’s really what we were going for.

ES: How is this EP and new music compared to or different from your previous work you have released?

Knk: Before we had just started a track finished a track, started a track. With this one we put more thought into what elements we wanted to use in the whole thing. Kind of known for keys n krates sound, is the pitched up vocals so we definitely wanted a lot of that and to have a lot of melodic parts in the songs. Also, everything that your kind of able to play at home; we wanted to have that, not just club cuts. Something you’re able to play at home and hopefully listen to the full thing.

ES: Anything special we can expect from your up coming tour?

KnK: This is the first tour were getting lights and production. Were really trying to give this our own feel so when you go to the show it’s like your in a different environment and your own world. We hope our fans feel like they are taken on a musical journey. We love to interact with our fans so a lot of personality on stage.

ES: Why have you decided to bring along Thugli and Gladiator?

Knk: They’re all really good friends of ours from back home. The guys in GLADIATOR brought it up and we were like sure why not; and then THUGLI came up and we thought that was a great idea as well.

ES: Are all your performances considered “live sets” or do you have a “dj set” as well?

Knk: all our sets are live. we don’t really do djs sets, unless we were every to play like a party or something, we always like to do live.

ES: Do you have anything special planned for today?

Knk: we will definitely be playing a lot of new music and just adding a lot of new productions to the set.

ES: Who would you like to collab with the most in the future?

Knk: There’s a lot of producers we would like to try and do something with. Oh and Halle Berry and Jennifer Anniston.

From the beginning of this interview to the end, these three had the best energy and made it an absolute pleasure to get to know them.  We can only hope to get to hangout again very soon as well as getting to experience another killer set like we did there!


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