We got the chance to sit down with Hospital Records all-stars Fred V and Grafix to talk about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  In all honesty, we just got to talk about their music and the lifestyle surrounding it. See what Josh (Grafix) and Fred (V) had to say below.

When I was out there, you were telling me and my friends to smile…

Fred: Oh my god you were that guy, you ruined the set standing right in the middle with your arms folded. I thought maybe he’d like a really nice liquid tune, or maybe a heavy tune, but every tune, arms folded. He wanted EDM, we didn’t give it to him.


Is connecting with people one on one a big thing for you guys?

I always point at people and copy their dancing to spin them out.


I didn’t see your arms folded once.


You guys were originally live artists, so what sparked your transition into electronic music?

Josh: Uhhh…drugs? I’m kidding, I’m obviously kidding.

Fred: Just hearing the electronic music we liked, we both really liked the first Pendulum album, and loads of Hospital Records stuff as well; I’m not just saying that because Chris (A&R for Hospital Records) is here. For me personally, the second High Contrast album is probably my favorite drum and bass album.

Josh: I’m still sticking to drugs.


How does your experience with live instruments affect your production?

Both: We record everything, in the beginning we used a lot of samples but as time has gone on, most sounds you hear are recorded by us.


You guys joined Hospital Records in 2011, how has being a part of their label driven your success?

Both: Every artist is allowed to have their own unique sound; we were both massive fanboys in 2010.

What country have you had the best crowd at?

Fred: Weird places in Europe like the Czech Republic and New Zealand. It’s so far away that no one gets to see you so they go crazy when they do see their favorite artists.


What was the craziest show you ever had and what made it crazy?

Fred: We could make something up… Someone fired a rocket launcher.

Both: Just kidding that didn’t happen, but in Russia they had a massive circus act before each artist that would symbolize a revolution and ours was the Sexual Revolution.


Where do you think Drum N’ Bass stands now and where will it be in the future?

Both: I think that Drum N’ Bass will always be a little underground because it’s faster than most other types of music. Even for me as a producer if I don’t listen to any music in the morning and then listen to a Drum N’ Bass tune, I think that it’s way too fast but if you listen to it for a while, then everything else seems boring.


If you could have any animal themed onesie, what would it be?

Both: Zebra and a guinea pig for sure.

All we’ve done is thrown animal onesie parties.

It’d be a little hot to rave in a onesie though…We went to Electric Zoo a couple years ago and saw kids in morph suits and jump suits, it was crazy.


Do you have any plans for studio time or Hospital Records showcases?

We think we finished our new single but we’re not sure; Chris (glares). We’ve basically sent five emails asking if he’s liked each version and he replies, “Maybe”. We’ve been working on this single where Fred is actually singing. We’d like to have an album out by next September.

Do you guys make tracks on the road?

Some of our best tracks and ideas are made on planes.


What do you guys have to have at every show?

Coconut water, they’ve only had it one time we’ve played and it wasn’t my favorite coconut water so I was disappointed.