The UK native Jonathan Gooch, who many of you know by the stage name Feed Me graced the San Diego Bass music scene this past Thursday, September 4, at Fluxx Nightclub. Originally intended to play at Sound Nightclub, an 18+ venue in San Diego, this show along with his show at the Shrine were both moved to different venues, and had some younger fans sharing their opinions rather expressively over social media. While Gooch of course feels for his fans, he still keeps up his badass personality and voiced his opinion over social media.

My correspondent and I weren’t at all bothered by the venue change, other than the fact that Feed Me would be performing a DJ Set with no teeth. This was the second time we had both seen his performance in San Diego, and both have been without his famous teeth set up (bring the teeth next time ;). If you haven’t seen this unbelievable stage setup, be sure to check it out as Gooch has been working very hard perfecting his visual masterpiece.

As midnight hit, Gooch hopped on the decks right after Le Castle Vania, seamlessly transitioning from Le Castle‘s fast paced melodic rhythms into a beautiful “id” track with mesmerizing female vocals! The first thing I noticed about Feed Me was his attire, he was wearing a casual pair of jeans and t shirt – but was rocking some fresh white Jordans. Keepin’ it clean, Gooch. Good man.

After Le Castle got his computer out of the way Gooch commanded the decks, dropping those vocals mentioned earlier into heavy fast paced electro. With his female companion and crew right behind him, his seemed really amped to be there and remarkably on par. Dancing to his own tunes, and dropping genres ranging from disco, grime, filth and some insane vocal mashups the show was a nonstop party. He of course threw in some classics of his own and his friends like, “Thumbs Up for Rock n’ Roll”  and “1 Click Headshot” which had true fans clamoring in heavy excitement.  Completing the night with full co2 cannons and some pretty sweet visuals along Fluxx’s LED panel, Feed Me’s performance was spectacular. Although we wish he would have hopped on the (nonexistant) mic and sang a few of his song live, Gooch still did a hell of a job for a DJ Set. Don’t miss his DJ Set or Live Set w/ Teeth coming to your town soon!

This Mixmag set was just recorded, give it a listen if you get a chance. – MIXMAG LIVE SET


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Photos: Rapid Eye Photo