It’s that time of year again. You know… the time of the year thats better than Christmas, your birthday and every other holiday combined. That time is now… that day is today.

The Godfather of Bass has released his annual masterpiece in the form of his classic Shambhala Mix. At 80 tracks this 90 minute mix really showcases Excision’s dominant power in the world of bass so make sure you are plugged into a soundsystem of at least 150,000+ watts and get ready to get blown out of your chair. Now I can’t go into much detail as I haven’t even been able to digest the entire mix fully, but all I can say is get ready to have your face melted, ear drums bleed, and body shake. This hour long filthfest is sure to get a hold of every dirty bone in your body and turn it to dust.

You have been warned…

Excision: F | S | T |

Download the mix here!

Download the Bittorrent Bundle here!

Tracklist: v7gZfwq