In case you’ve been out of the loop lately, Keys N Krate’s, Gladiator & Thugli have just begun touring the nation on Key’s N Krates Every Nite bus tour. Knowing the individual talents of all seven of these artists, the Electric Sloth team had to cover a stop on this tour. Thanks to our boys Pat & Tom from Thugli, we were granted access to the unbelievable event.

Brought to you by Amplified Access, Eventvibe and the San Diego based Damascus Apparel the event took place at the San Diego House of Blues, but thanks to Damascus the night was known as the House of Black.

Event Recap:

Thugli House of Blues

Thugli – House of Blues

As we arrived at the House of Blues, there were Damascus ninjas scattered throughout the street handing out facemasks and other goodies to eager fans waiting in line to enter the venue. As we walked in, Thugli had just hopped on the decks. Noticing a few vinyls sitting on the DJ deck I knew we were in for an epic performance from the Toronto based duo. Shouting out San Diego from beggining to end, we could tell they were more than happy to be performing to such a packed house. Dropping classic tracks like “What Happened to That Boy” (Remix) intertwined with their ever so soothing “You are now listening to THUGLI” sample, they had heaps of energy all performance. From Drastik scratching on the vinyls (A-Trak style) to a load of hip-hop – these boys laid down trap law and got us more than eager to catch the next two acts.

Gladiator House of BLues

Gladiator – House of Blues

Maintaining the vibe after Thugli’s initial set, Los Angeles based duo Gladiator (consisting of Ian & Dan) were next on the decks for the night. Starting out with a stern but intelligent full hamstring stretch to keep themselves limber, this pair did not disappoint and brought a barrage of brand new material from both themselves and others: Dillon FrancisFlosstradamus, 12th Planet, Birdman, RL Grime, & A$AP Ferg – no wonder the place got rowdy so quick. Though moshpits are often expected these days, I found it to be of really good taste when Dan stopped the music to say “There are way to many pretty ladies in here for you guys to be moshing.”

It was refreshing to see a DJ play such a clean & downright riveting set but still have the good conscious to make sure every one of the people that came to the show got back safe. Anyways I’d put this set on par with anything Trap related I’ve seen in the last 6 months and was really impressed with the amount of genres and different sounds they were able to so easily communicate.

Keys N Krates House of Blues

Key’s N Krates House of Blues

My goodness, this was one of the few live electronic act I’ve seen and needless to say, watching artists actually create each individual sound in consistent rhythm is something else entirely. Composed of a drummer, keyboardist and a DJ – it was truly remarkable how Key’s N Krates easily seemed to be able to flow on the spot and keep the energy in the room so high. It was apparent how skilled these guys are in their craft, and in my opinion true pros at this whole live trap genre scene. This trio had everything in the room pulsing down to the lights and lasers they brought along for the tour. Heavy on the drums, the bass undertone buzzed with a beat that made you want to groove to the familiar yet innovative instrumental-trap all night. A phenomenal performance to say the least.

Video recap by Damascus coming soon.

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Photographs: Miranda McDonald Photography

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