RECONDITE has always had a passion for music, being introduced to the drum and synth sounds while growing up in Bavaria. He started up his label Plangent Records when he moved to Berlin and from there his talents skyrocketed.  After releasing 3 strong EP’s in 2011, RECONDITE became very recognized by the media, as well as being featured on the label The Absurd Recordings.

In early 2013, while continuing to release on his own label, RECONDITE also put out the “EC 10” EP on Dystopian.  This release helped him gain huge recognition and also lead up to the release of another album “Hinterland,” which was also his first time having something put out on the label Ghostly International.  He has only continued to grow as a producer and show the world how versatile he can be as an artist.

RECONDITE recently made a brand new album (which you can preview below) that he will be putting out in November.  Along with his new album he will also be going on tour.

We are very excited to announce that during his tour, RECONDITE will be making a stop at Escape All Hallows Eve’ to grace us with a performance that is sure to not be forgotten.  This event will more than likely sell out, so get on your tickets fast and be sure to check out his set!

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