The topic that has been hot on social media sites the last 24 hours is EZOO (Electric Zoo).  But, it would seem to be words of confusion and anger, not words of praise.  Day 3 of the popular New York music festival was shut down..again.

Starting over Labor Day in 2009, on Randall Island in New York City, was the “ELECTRIC ZOO” festival.  This festival was very popular for its four stages that brought all kinds of genres of eletronic dance music.  Originally starting off as a 2 day event, it expanded to 3 and well as hosting over 85,000 people in the year 2001; making an even bigger name for itself.  In the years 2010-2013 EZOO has been nominated as “Best Dance Music Event” as well as received many “International Dance Music Awards.”

But sadly, it would seem that sometimes even the greatest of things, have bad things happen.  Sept 1st, 2013 the final day of this festival was shut down for the first time, due to two tragic deaths that had been said to have taken place over the first two days due to drug use. When the toxicology reports came back it confirmed the deaths were due to MDMA but also, hypothermia. So, wanting to keep their event going, as well as the safety of attendees, the organizers worked together this year with NY Parks and Recreation to conduct even more safety precautions.

With all these processes, this year before the event, a two-minute safety video was broadcasted in order to keep attendees safe. The first two days seemed to go wonderfully, even though weather was cold, the show did go on.  The final day hit and we can only imagine how happy past attendees must have felt knowing they were going to enter the 3rd day of EZOO this year again.  But from the start, the sky had been looking dark, but lovers of the music did not seem to mind, the music played and they danced on.  Sadly, half way through day 3 the rain started coming down hard, and event organizers decided that once again, day 3 needed to end.  But this decision was not made a second time to anger event goers; it was decided for the safety of them, as well as the artists, and the event organizers themselves.

So, now the question remains. What is in store for EZOO 2015? The event has always seemed to be very well put together, with wonderful music, a great crowd, and organizers taking charge with the safety of its attendees quickly to ensure nothing tragic would continue to happen. The weather cannot always be how we would hope during events, so lets hope that the Zoo will be back again for another year and many more to come.

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