It’s all fun and games till someone gets sued! Well, no one has yet anyways, but the producer known as DEADMAU5 may be in the process soon.  Disney, over the last few months, has been in the process of investigating a trademark registration that Joel Zimmerman himself had filed.  Now the news has officially been dropped, Disney is opposing Zimmerman’s paperwork requesting to trademark his well known mouse head.

As many people may know, DEADMAU5 never goes down without a fight, and many times this means angrily lashing out over social media.  He tweeted on the 2nd of Sept. “Disney thinks you might confuse an established electronic musician / performer with a cartoon mouse. That’s how stupid they think you are,” trying to get fans to take his side in the watermarking of his signature look.

Zimmerman has always seemed to love to speak his mind, which to some may be humorous, but others it is getting old.  It is obvious that his mouse and Mickey Mouse are both two very different looks, though it was pointed out there is a similarity in the ears, is that really enough to cause this much of a fuss?

According to his attorneys it is already trademarked in 30 countries, so why would there be a need to do this again? Drama drama drama… is all that this is seeming to come out to be.

We are very curious as to what fans and followers think of this situation.  Do you guys think Zimmerman has the right to be making such a big deal over this, or does Disney have the right to step up and say something too? Or is this just the usual DEADMAU5 drama and it’ll blow over soon?

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