Earlier this week, Grammy Award winning DJ Calvin Harris announced that he would be releasing “a lot of new songs coming out soon” but what we didn’t expect subsequently shocked us, and boy are we excited. The announcement was made shortly after he promised his fans new music via Twitter, when a fan asked “Do you mean album” and as we held our breaths, Harris replied with “Yes”. Even better than hearing that Harris has a new album coming out is that he confirmed it would be this year. With only three more months to go until we hit 2015, the arrival date and more info should be released extremely soon.

Calvin Harris’ last album, 18 Months, was released almost two years ago in October of 2012, shooting the producer further into stardom. Achieving the #1 spot on the UK Album Chart for his album prior to 18 Months, Ready for the Weekend (2009), Harris has obviously found his sweet spot in the EDM community. Earlier this month, he also took away Michael Jackson’s infamous spot for having the most streamed plays, ever, giving him over a whopping 3 billion plays and counting. Harris is also set to headline at Bacardi’s Halloween tropical festival Bacardi Triangle, establishing his success further in to 2014.

Although Harris has released a few singles since 18 Months, we can expect a future filled with a glorious new streak of records to be broken with the release of this new album. After his long line of success for the past five years, this album is destined to maintain the reign Harris currently has over festival main stages in the coming seasons.



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