Just when we thought the 25 year-old, Swedish global superstar DJ was finally taking a break, Avicii gallivants into another new conquest. Earlier this month, Avicii’s At Night management company announced he would be canceling all future appearances in order to recover from surgery undertaken earlier this spring. Apparently, he can’t be out of the studio for long, and we’re not complaining.

As long as video games have been produced, one factor has always been important for every gaming experience, and that’s the soundtrack. This year, the FIFA 2015 soundtrack has added Avicii to its lineup with his follow up to the release, “The Days” ft. Ralph Lauren. Keeping his unmistakable sound true to his name, the track “The Nights” pervades with big, energetic, anthemic drops paired with that oh so bouncy base; along with bountiful amounts of almost too-catchy acoustic plucks and the folk-style vocals we all have come to adore (and sing along with shamelessly in our vehicles).

Who else is also on the roster for this year’s FIFA 2015 soundtrack? Well, Avicii’s “The Nights” will find itself aside other big names such as Fatboy Slim, A-Trak and Madeon. FIFA 15 is scheduled to be released later this month on September 25th. However, both, “The Days” and “The Nights” will be included on Avicii’s highly anticipated second studio album, Stories, set to be unleashed in 2015.