Since the release of his hit single, “Levels”, Avicii has been renowned as one of the world’s top DJ and producers as he continued releasing hit after hit. His unique high-octane, melodious sound has impacted the tone of house music, causing his sound to overtake stages of all sizes worldwide. Starting his journeys since the ripe age of 18 years old, Avicii has been on tour after tour, with limited increments of rest and the superstar has announced he is in need of a break from the stage and constant travel.

Avicii made the announcement on Monday, September 8th, which was also his 25th birthday, that he would be cancelling all of his upcoming tours, shows, and promotional activities so he can begin to fully recover from his gallbladder and appendix surgery. Early this year, Avicii was forced to cancel his engagements at Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival in Miami as a result of a high fever, nausea and severe abdominal pains. Once admitted, doctors decided the star needed to have both his appendix and gallbladder removed. Being the go-getter Avicii is the star still continued his summer residency at Ushuaia, Ibizia’s #1 open air club.

At Night Management, headed by owner Ash Pournouri, released the official statement stating, “At Night Management has tabled all touring promotional activated for Avicii, aka Tim Bergling, until further notice so that he can fully recuperate from lingering health issues related to surgeries that removed his gall bladder and appendix earlier this year. The international superstar, who is the #1 most influential; Artist Under 25 according to Spotify, is taking a break at home in Stockholm so he can regain his strength and physical well-being before the release of a new album project next year.”

Many of his fans who were excited to see the prodigy at events such as TomorrowWorld, the health of Avicii is crucial if more projects are to be on the way for the young prodigy. Although the announcement shocked us all, the promise of a new album in the works is now highly anticipated, and we’re willing to sacrifice a few performances to hear him at his best.

Avicii’s going away party at Ushuaia beach hotel in Ibiza, Spain.

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