Rumor has it, “Abandoned Ship” by KNIFE PARTY is going to be the most anticipated album of the year. Fans are trying to be as patient as possible but it is never that easy. It only makes sense they want to hear as much as they possibly can before the big release on October 27th.

KNIFE PARTY is very well known for getting wild and throwing down bangers with a heavy kick. Tracks such as “The Antidote,” “Bonfire,” and “Rage Valley” fans are expecting nothing less than from these guys again.

Good news for fans, another track has been leaked titled “Boss Mode.” This song does a superb job of showing off the talents fans of KNIFE PARTY knife party know and love. The song has the mellow baselines to start, leading into the rowdiness of the drops.

Download Here:

It seems to be a bit of a struggle to keep these tracks hidden before release, but it really isn’t surprising with how favored these guys are. Also the fact that friend Rob Swire recently played this track at his own show, saying the audience went wild with the feedback to it.

Who knows what will come next from this album, seeing as the other two tracks “Begin Again” and “Resistance” both have completely different sounds from one another. Now all we do is wait for the album release, or maybe even another track leak.

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