Next friday, the 19th of September is a day that will go down in history as an epic culmination of culture, bass music, and creation. Brought to you by Damascus ApparelEventvibe & Amplified Access the immersive House of Black experience will be an event like no other. It will take place at the House of Blues in San Diego, California – but this friday for the Every Nite Tour, it will be known as the House of Black.

Damascus Apparel are the cybernetic eclectics, bass music enthusiasts, producers, djs, video production artists, graph kings, urban photographers, engineers, writers, programmers and designers. They create the world you see and feel around you. They are the digital Samurai’s destroying everything in their path. For one exclusive night, they will be decorating the entire House of Blues to match their theme. The night will be complete with exclusive Hollywood make-up artists (to “black-out” all attendees), a full twerk team, a ton of free gear and some heavy trap music. There is so much more I would like to share but it’s better kept as a surprise.

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As for the talent of the night: Keys N Krate’s, Gladiator and Thugli are sure to pack some heat. Toronto natives, the DJ/Producer duo Thugli have made their way out of Canada and are showing the U.S. their definition of trap music. Having personally seen the duo perform in Los Angeles at Dim Mak Studios, they’re sure to pack a punch at any venue they enter (scope our recent interview here). Gladiator, another formidable pair out of Los Angeles are fresh off their collaboration with Loudpvck (Tony) and have been topping the pack in terms of creative productions and diversity of style. To finish off the night, Keys N Krate’s (also out of Toronto) will be gracing the crowd with live electronic instrumentation at it’s finest. We recently caught them at Summersalt Music Festival and had a few words with them, check it out. Needless to say, it will be a very diverse performance – from massive bangers to insane collaborations – the three person group is sure to be keep energy levels high at this immersive one of a kind event.


We are GIVING AWAY a pair of tickets to the show and some Damascus gear. Check out the contest on our Electric Sloth Facebook for your chance to win! (<—-Click that link)

UPDATE: Winner has been chosen. Hope to see everyone else tonight!


Purchase tickets for the event here! If you really want to party in style, grab yourself a bottle or two and kick back in the House of Blues newest VIP table’s.

Contact: or (850) 529-6241


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