As you must know by now, we are huge fans of these two magnificent producers all the way from Toronto, Canada, Pat Drastik and Tom Wrecks; other wise know as Thugli. These guys have come a long way and have made their way up to one of the most noticeable Trap DJs & Producers in the Electronic Music Industry. Bringing us remixes of classic songs such as “What Happened to that Boy” by the legendary Bird Man, and their most recent banger “Hella Hoes” which added quite a bit of turn-up to the original song by the infamous A$AP Mob. Thugli has as tendency to incorporate authentic Southern-Trap base lines filled with 808s and High-hats, while adding their eclectic electronic sounds that makes us all get down to all of their live sets.


With their recent release of “Hella Hoes”, Thugli has taken the industry by storm; showcasing their true trap roots and putting Toronto on the map as the next “Trap City.”


Hella Hoes” starts of similar to the original track put out by the A$AP Mob but with a little twist. From the start you notice the flawless high-hats and deep chord progression that they added and as soon as the song droped, the Electric Sloth crew couldn’t believe what came to our ears. Pure talent.


Some say that Thugli went viral and became popular when they put up their well-produced music video to their track “Run This”, but this producer-duo has been laying down bangers for years. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud for their latest releases and up-coming shows.


Thanks for the read Sloths, stay tuned in for more re-caps of up-coming shows and write-ups of the best music the Electronic Industry has to offer.

Words: Cristian Valdéz

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