A deep grand piano plays as a unique percussion sets the tempo for the rest of the track. Smooth bass, soulful vocals, and a down tempo rhythm kick in. Whether under RL Grime or Clockwork, this normally wouldn’t describe a tune created by LA-based artist Henry Steinway. Known for massive bass and festival ready trap tracks, RL Grime’s new track is suggest that he is ready to take a new musical path. As the Flume-style genre of EDM becomes ever more popular, it appears that Steinway is looking to dabble in the more chill styles of bass music. As the light and emotion-filled vocals of “How to Dress Well” float over the heavy bass that Grime is known for, it’s clear that he is not limited to trap and electro. More of a fusion between R&B and trap than anything, Reminder serves as an example of how the EDM community is tiring of the big room scene and is retreating to more melodic and less repetitive genres. Though the track is smooth and slower than most any RL Grime song you can find, the bass carries the rhythm of the song and the percussion gets stuck in your head as it’s not a snare you’d hear often. As the piano takes control at the end of the tune, one can only hope that we’ll hear more of this style from the trap guru.

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