The up and coming power duo that is X5IGHT has been wowing anyone who has been following their growth over the last year, and the release of their EP “5:00 Shadow” is no exception. X5IGHT has put together three of some of their best songs to date, and they all have something unique that it brings to this EP. The first track is a beautiful house piece titled “The Luckiest Man” with a sample meant to inspire and an uplifting melody to be played perfectly along with any festival set. The next two songs on the EP turn down a heavier route. “Hawkeye” is a beautiful journey of sound and dark progressive house. The last song on the EP, titled “Mayday”, is definitely my favorite track off the EP. It’s dark, it’s catchy, and it’s a nasty little beat to get you going. The beat itself seems to almost border on the psy-trance side, but also brings in many house elements, making this track very different from any other house track you’re used to hearing. X5IGHT is a pair of producers who just can’t seem to find one sound that fits them, and it’s perfect! Hearing them try a new genre out every time they release anything is something to admire and respect, because they always seem to do it right. You can get a free download of “The Luckiest Man” here and buy the EP on beatport here!

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