After performing one of the most sought-after sets at Hard Summer Music Festival in Los Angeles, California. This so-called turtle figure, who is from the ocean, apparently prefers fresh water but uses the International Bank of the Ocean (not sure how that works out) is set to perform yet another mind blowing set for his fans at this weekends coveted Splash House Pool Party in Palm Springs.

But after doing just a small bit of research, it appears his identity is not as hidden (we’ll say) as he’d like it to be. In other words, he’s no UZ. We’ve noticed a fair share of similarities between his “bed-spring mattress” sounds and essentially all his tunes which would be put on any dudes sex playlist, when compared to another artist. While we are reluctant to mention the artists name, so as not to reveal Mr. Turtles true identity.We simply suggest he do a better job at hiding it.

Take a few facts before you go:

Trippy’s success came out of no where with a simple retweet from Cashmere Cat. While many speculated Turtle was Cashmere’s alter ego – we don’t believe that to be true.

Trippy & his true identity share the same management, as well as well the same face (duh). While he does attempt to keep it hidden, it’s pretty tough these days with so many pictures posted on every outlet of social media.

When asked for an interview with our correspondents here at Electric Sloth, he responded “Turtles can’t talk” or something along those lines…

So, who do you think Trippy Turtle really is?… We’d love to hear your thoughts and speculations.