As anticipated, Splash House was everything you would expect at a summer pool party, including top artists, exceptional weather and all the water you need to cool off.  Upon entry to the Hard Rock Hotel, one of the three hotels in Palm Springs hosting the event, you were immediately greeted by a stage right in the lobby.  This was just a taste of what you were about to walk into upon entering the pool area.  The lobby stage was something else though, built from different speakers of all shapes, sizes, types and volume. Inside the lobby was where the late night festivities were scheduled to play.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-6

After checking out the lobby and its set up, we made our way to the main stage. The first few steps outside in the desert heat were quite a shock to almost everyone making their way to the pool. Our initial course of action was to head straight for the water and cool off before preparing ourselves for the the beginning of a sun-filled, music savvy day.  The set up of the Hard Rock Hotel included a stage on the left and pool on the right, surrounded by cabanas and tables.  The stage was decorated with all sorts of streamers and art, with a massive LED screen presenting artists’ logos and visuals.  Atop the stage, artists had a nice view of the dedicated crowd that awaited the refreshing sounds of summer.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-17

One of the most anticipated acts of the weekend – also one of the biggest names in EDM right now, was just about to begin. Flume came out explosive, causing an uproar amongst the entire crowd which was followed by a hurricane of water (from the extremely packed pool-goers losing their minds). Each and every drop, transition, and bass line was flowing with perfection and sounded amazing, as we had expected.  Hearing some of his huge hits like “Sleepless” and his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court” was something to seriously appreciate.  Alongside his countless masterpieces, Flume decided to bless us with the sounds of his newest remix of “Afterlife” by Arcade Fire. The energy and excitement extending from corner to corner of the show was impossible to tame.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-8

Immediately following Flume was the start of another personal favorite amongst the Electric Sloth team, Anna Lunoe.  Her amazing disco-funk songs alongside her energetic interactions with the crowd created the perfect environment for such an amazing pool party. Her consistent, upbeat groove only made the crowd grow in size and remain as packed as possible.  The set overall was a burst of energy in itself, but first…. she took a selfie.Anna selfie

Thus far, Splash House had been far from a disappointment, hearing two unforgettable and amazing back to back sets who kept the crowd on their feet, and in the water. With what seemed like only a few minutes, following Anna Lunoe, came a reptile who is far more advanced than any others, Trippy Turtle. The unique style that this certain turtle brings to the stage is unexplainable. The different sounds used throughout his set had the entire crowd wondering what species of reptile this groovy guy beneath a turtle sweatshirt really was.tumblr_na3pyoGn1m1qiguw3o1_1280

After Trippy Turtle started to wrap up his set, I decided it was time to wind down, attempt to cool off, and prepare for the late-night parties that were being hosted at both the Hard Rock Hotel and The Saguaro.  Following much needed air conditioning and a cool shower, I was off to the Hard Rock Hotel.  Upon entry it was the small, extremely cool “Speaker Stage” that was throwing down all the music for the night. Unfortunately, the pools were not open for the safety of all the festival goers, but considering it was still so hot outside I would not doubt that getting people to leave the pool would be near impossible.  Hours in the sun amongst hours spent dancing in the lobby proved quite draining and I eventually chose to head back to rest up for day 2.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-40

Day 2

And so it began, day 2 of Splash House and I could not be more excited to see big names like Chromeo, A-Trak, Bixel Boys and UBERJAK’D.  As we got in the car to head towards the hotel, we were greeted by 107 degree weather, which I can not deny is pretty brutal in such dry desert heat. Did that stop me? Absolutely not.  The day progressed and we had made our way to both the Hard Rock Hotel and The Saguaro, seeing the different set ups and feeling the different vibes. The time had come for Chromeo to take the stage.  The crowd had filled in every last inch of space in anticipation for the start of their set. As said by Chromeo, “Know thyself, know thy vibe, and stay thy course.” Although it was only a DJ set, it was on fire! Water spraying, pool toys crowd surfing and there were even girls on stage twerking for this power-filled dance party.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-104

Up next on the decks, was the master of DJing himself,  A-Trak. When you hear the sounds of records scratching coming through the speakers you better be sure to get a decent spot in the crowd.  The music combined with the show he puts on with his hands is an experience in itself. However, for this particular set, there was a little surprise that nobody anticipated: A-Trak B2B Chromeo. This was something nobody could expect or even dream of seeing, but it was an unforgettable moment in Splash House history, and I say that with confidence. After Dave 1 of Chromeo danced his way off the stage, A-Trak continued to throw down some amazing remixes and original productions.  Those who were seeing him for their first time were mesmerized and those seeing him for a second or third, or fourth time were far from disappointed.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-108

The day progressed with continued scorching heat, but this definitely did not affect the energy level of the crowd at Splash House. To end the weekend, I chose to check out Jagwar Ma, a group I was not very familiar with but had heard great things about. This was a live set featuring of course live instruments and awesome vocals.  Their set was a slightly different vibe from the rest of the music throughout the weekend but it was a perfect sign off and goodbye to the epic weekend that was Splash House. After seeing such impressive sets by some of today’s biggest names in EDM, it was hard to wipe a smile off your face or have a single thing to complain about.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-13

The brilliant minds behind Splash House, Goldenvoice, LED, and Infamous PR put on a festival like no other in an environment that gave off very Coachella-like vibes.  Having something like Splash House occur twice a summer is exactly what us festival-goers and music fiends need to satisfy our desire to groove. Thank you to all of the artists who made it out and gave us top-tier quality sets!  The countdown has officially begun for Splash House 2015.8-14_splashhouse-ws_kevinserrano-81

Photos: Kevin Serrano Photography

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