110 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada in the Black Rock Desert, the Burning Man festival draws tens of thousands festival goers, called “Burners”.

On Monday, August 25, the Burning Man festival had asked it’s attendees to delay their trip to the event due to excessive rain muddying up “the playa”, where burner’s camp and the festival activities take place for the eight days. This morning, more news has been released from Burning Man 2014 and unfortunately, it is not for a weather delay; but, to announce a death of a burner.

Jim Graham, Burning Man’s spokesman, sent out an email stating a death had occurred just after midnight on Thursday, August, 28.  The circumstances of neither the horrific accident nor the victim’s name have been released since the next of kin must be notified first. The woman was struck by a passenger bus that was carrying other burners throughout the festival and was pronounced dead on scene.

The Burning Man festival has not had a death since 22 year-old Jermaine “Jerm” Barley who went by the name, DJ Optic Orange, hung himself inside the Comfort and Joy tent in 2007. Currently, the Burning Man staff is working with the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation and is offering services to all those affected by the tragedy.

The event will carry on as planned through September 1, 2014. This year, the theme of Burning Man is caravansary: where attendees take on the roles of providing a unique art, music, healing and joyful experience for one another as they travel tent to tent on the playa. With such an unexpected catastrophe, caravansary should be the perfect theme for all who were affected to bond and celebrate life with one another. Burning Man offers a live feed of the festival available through Ustream webcast, which can be found on their website http://www.burningman.com/.