It’s not often that an artist is able to create hype for a new album based off an abstract video that has nothing to do with the album besides giving us the name of the new project; however that’s exactly what Porter Robinson did with the teaser to his new album Worlds (now available for purchase as of August 12, 2014). A new path has been undertaken by Porter and after the release of the first single, “Sea of Voices”; talk about the EDM veteran’s new album only grew. Easily one of the most anticipated albums of the year in the EDM community, Worlds offers audiences a new side of EDM that isn’t heard in the mainstream. More closely related to the sounds of indie electronica artists MGMT and Clean Bandit, Worlds is the first tangible crossover between mainstream EDM and the sounds of the underground. Because of Porter’s already established reputation, this album has the potential to help the community expand their musical pallets and become open to more unique and melody driven sides of EDM. While Worlds has the potential to bring Top 40 listeners to the indie side of electronic music, its more natural sounds also possess the potential to attract non EDM listeners to the genre. This is crucial in a time where the vast majority of people either loves electronic music, or don’t even consider it to be a real form of music. Tracks like “Sad Machine” and “Hear the Bells” invoke strong emotion within the listener that many mainstream songs lack the ability to create and invite listeners of all genres to embark on a journey to different Worlds. If you wish to take this journey live, Porter’s fall tour, which in the spirit of his new direction is a live set, has already been announced and dates are available via Ticketmaster.

Please Note: Not all songs are available for streaming, but you can buy check out the remaining, and equally incredible, songs on this album on iTunes and Beatport.

Lionhearted (feat. Urban Cone) 


Sad Machine 

Sea Of Voices 





Contributing Writer: Elijah Pantoja