A very popular song that has been bouncing around summer air waves right now is “Rude” by Magic, and this remix has added quite the twist to it!
ZEDD always seems to know just how to keep spirits uplifted with his music; tracks you’d want to have blasting as you drive around with friends or are dancing the night away – and this remix has done just that.

From the start, this track does an incredible job of grabbing the listeners attention; starting off with a piano riff and a bouncy sound, that classic ZEDD buildup kicks in. Magic’s killer vocals mixed with ZEDD’S upbeat electro sound, build such a hype for the drop!  But dont worry it still feels like summer as soon as that first drop hits, bringing a beat that will make it almost impossible not to want to start grooving on the dance floor!

The track wont officially be released until September 2nd, but it is available to check out on his soundcloud.  We highly recommend you give this track a listen, because come on, who doesn’t love music that makes them feel great and want to move? Exactly.

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