This past August 22, on a mild & pleasant Friday night, the San Diego bass music scene was knighted with quite the performance by Party Favor and Luminox. Presented by Encore Entertainment at Bassmnt Nightclub in the gaslamp district of downtown, there was certainly a strong sense of anticipation emanating throughout the venue from the moment we made it onto the dance floor. Having been exposed to a number of remixes and original bangers by this pair of producers, my expectations were through the roof – hoping that the consistently high energy environment would provide both artists the ability to get the most out of their performance & potential.
I remember immediately taking a liking to Party Favor’s tunes after hearing the first few songs in his set, obviously including his remix entry for UFO! & Bro Safari’sDrama” in the first of his mix series. Infusing hip hop, trap, house, twerk and just about everything in between, Dylan (PF) provided something for everyone to get down to while letting us get down to exclusives including what he claimed to be the first ever play of a track he did with Borgeous. Originally from Los Angeles, this guy has come a long way in a relatively small amount of time, having gone as far to receive a spot at this past Electric Daisy Carnival. Some specific tunes that come to mind within his mix include the perpetually mysterious UZ‘s new remix of Ice Cube’s “Drop Girl”, a thus unidentified edit of Wiggle With It, & the Diplo x Yellow Claw x Wacka Flocka winner, “Trap Going Techno.”

Now let me start by saying, even before working for Electric Sloth I’ve seen a fair share of bass heavy sets at Bassmnt and I can honestly say without a doubt that Luminox’s was in the top 10%. I was impressed at his technical ability, to say the least. He’s always had a really calm but intelligent looking demeanor about himself. This is sort of off topic but he played a show a long time ago in an L.A. dive bar with Carnage, except they weren’t giving out the address and I was getting frustrated so I shot him a message on Facebook. He, of course, got back to me with it before showtime. I mean, the guy seemed personable and real at the very least, so that layered upon his production value left me a real fan. Now my other correspondents had infact seen Luminox during a previous performance and interview at Snowglobe (here), but it had been almost 10 months since then. His versatility and expanding skill set is dually noted. Featuring countless trap remixes, hard style, moomba, grimey drops, & even some housey bangers his performance turned out to be a real treat.  Dropping classics like the “Bugatti” Trap remix, Flosstradamus“Mosh Pit,” and even a Destroid “Make ’em Bounce” Remix – the Chicago based Trap & Hip-Hop producer, Luminox – is not one to miss. Catch him in your city soon!

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Photos: Rapid Eye Photo