Mike Hawkins and Jay Hardway are two names you should familiarize yourself with, being two of the latest and quickly rising stars in the scene. They teamed up for the single, “Freedom,” a heavy-hitting banger that is now available on Beatport through Spinnin’ Records.

Hawkins stated that, “I feel there was a lot of artistic freedom and space to do something different, yet catchy. Jay and I just click in the studio, and our styles really blend well together, with the final outcome being a record that I’m very proud of.”  The individual styles of Hawkins and Hardway combine to make a spirited melody, taking us into a breakdown reminiscent of many of today’s popular big-room tracks. This evolves into a drop that brings you to two locations at once:  a crossing of the energy-filled festival crowd with the air of a kung-fu movie in the Oriental streets. In this happy place, you’ll just want to dance.

Both producers loved working with each other, finding a common ground to experiment with different ideas and try new things. “I felt like we clicked on a musical/artistic level,” says Hardway of the collaboration.

“Freedom,” is sure to be a favourite at upcoming festivals and clubs to get the crowds moving and waiting to jump with the drop. Hopefully this is only the first of many from this Dutch-Danish duo!

Listen to “Freedom” here:

Purchase “Freedom” on Beatport here.



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