Thank you, Borgore. Taking one of today’s trendy hip-hop/ dance jams and turning it into the type of filth we have known to love and associate you with.  When this song first dropped, they were expectations that this song would indeed be the festival trap-style that Borgore has been picking up on lately, but the listeners and dedicated fans are far from disappointed. It seems his favorite line #SquatsforBorgore is being coined for all sort of dubstep, trap, and festival-like combination of the two. Alongside this new remix, he has recently dropped his brand new album #NEWGOREORDER, which features all sorts of beautifully produced songs, tackling several different genres.

Been a fan of Borgore for quite some time? This style will sound all too familiar. New to Borgore’s music? You may want to sit down and brace yourself for what is about to come blasting through your speakers. Be sure to check out the Buygore site for his upcoming tours dates and those dates of other fellow Buygore artists.

As always we want to, once again, thank the genius behind this masterpiece of a remix for handing this over for FREE!

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