At Organic Festival in L.A., the Electric Sloth team had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Wrecks, one half of the dynamic Thugli duo. Unfortunately, Pat Drastik wasn’t able to take part in the interview due to wicked food poisoning, but pop on a track and check out what he had to say!

Alright, we got a whole bunch of fun questions for you today…

Knowing that Pat wasn’t here, what changes in your live sets? How do his responsibilities transfer to you, and what do you each do?


We grew up together since around age fifteen, DJing and scratching together, so our responsibilities are pretty equal. If one of us needs the other to cover our ass, we can do it. Because we grew up doing the same thing together, our responsibilities are pretty equal; both in production and in live sets, we are 50/50.


You and Patrick joined together as Thugli in 2012…


(Interjects) Actually I think today is the two year anniversary.


No shit, well happy anniversary!


Yeah (laughs)


So what was the definitive moment where you both decided to stick with Thugli as a duo?


We’d always trade ideas: edit DJ routines, edits, remixes, and producing; but it wasn’t until he moved to Toronto that things began escalating. Then we started making a lot of tunes and decided we need to put a name on this project. We gave it the name Thugli, it was just made up, spur of the moment shit. The music we make is aggressive so thugs can rock to it, but it’s ugly too because when you hear it your face scrunches. So basically, it was just a made up name because we wanted to put ourselves aside from it and make it faceless. To this day a lot of people believe that we’re one person. They’ll hit us up and say, “You are the man! That remix YOU made is so dope! When are YOU coming to my city? It’s kind of cool because it’s like the whole “Wizard of Oz” effect, but Thugli is evolving, people are starting to catch on that it’s two of us, and we’re starting to show our faces more in our promos; so yeah, it just kind of spawned like that.


That really cool man; so you guys are touring a shitload this summer with Mad Decent Block Party, festivals, single shows; are you working on any music on the road or are you waiting to get a studio session when the dust settles?


Any day we have off, we’re in the studio. The last two years I lost so many friends, my girlfriend hates me, all of our energy is put towards Thugli, 100%. We do have an EP coming out very soon; I can’t say what the record label is because it’s not signed yet, but that will be coming out very soon. There’s also a lot of remixes that are just coming out, we have a new “A$AP Mob” bootleg coming out as well so there’s been a lot of stuff brewing, we’ve just been stacking it so we can drop it all.


So we were first introduced to you when one of our writers posted in our Facebook group, “Oh shit, check out this ‘Run This’ music video”…


Oh shit, cool!


Yeah it was beyond cool, it reminded me of “Training Day” almost.


Yeah that was the concept behind the video.


When they were filming it, what was the process and how were you guys directly involved?


So basically the director Amos LeBlanc and OG, they heard our song, “Run This” and had a vision for it, it’s funny that you mentioned “Training Day” because it has a “Training Day” meets “The Wire” kind of vibe. They sold us on the whole concept and were super inspired by the song so we said, “Fuck it, let’s roll with it” and we made a video from the song. It ended up being a really cool short film that won an award at the MMVA’s in Canada which is the equivalent of an MTV music video award and it just blew up. I feel like we’ve attracted a lot of new fans and people just because of that video with the visuals and music combined because the song by itself to be honest was kind of a sleeper. It was on our Soundcloud and it got slept on; but the video came out and blew it up. Even out here at Organic, people were telling me, “You better play that ‘Run This’ song” and I’m sorry that I didn’t, but it was a little too mellow to fit into the set because we go H.A.M. when we do our sets.


Yeah I heard it and was like, “He’s holding out”.


Yeah I do hold out. (laughs)


So I remember watching an interview saying that your MMVA was still in the mail, did you guys ever get it?


Yes, we’re about to get it…


(Cuts in) About to get it?


It’s being FedEx’d right now, it should be there when I get back from this interview.


That’s awesome, what was the first record or album that you ever bought?


Wow. (Pauses) A big influence for us would be Mobb Deep, “The Infamous”. We grew up skateboarding to it, it was just a grimey rap record. I don’t know if it’s the first record that I ever bought, but it was the first record that I was proud of buying.


Yeah, it was pretty dope. So what was the craziest thing you guys have had happen at a show so far?


Damn…I don’t know. (Everyone notices a potential narc) There’s cops patrollin’! Put that in the interview, the cops are on us; the pigs are watching. Um…So what was the question again sorry.


Craziest thing that happened at a show?


Lately there’s been a lot of mosh pits forming during our sets and it’s gotten really intense to a point where I’m afraid people are going to get hurt; especially for the ladies that are clapping and screaming in the front row, and all of a sudden they have a gang of twenty guys starting a mosh pit. Other than that, just the usual stuff like stage diving and signing titties.


Living the dream right there. If you could pick any strain to describe or introduce Thugli to someone, which strain would you choose?


It’s not entirely incriminating, take your time.

Strand, damn I have to think about this one…uh…Nothern Kush. Northern Kush. We’re from Toronto so that Northern Kush.

So what is a necessity on your rider?

A necessity for me is…I’d say a bottle of vodka and for Pat Drastic a necessity would be gummy bears, and…Nothern Kush.


So I’m always curious about this one with artists, do you listen to your own music?


That’s a good question actually, um…yeah. When I’m making a song I listen to it a million and two times and to be honest, I get so sick of it. But then when it gets released into the world and I get the feedback, I fall back in love with it. So I feel like once I make it, I get frustrated with it, but then when people like it and play it in their sets, from Lil Jon to A-Trak and Diplo, it’s mind blowing and I’m happy with it, clicking Souncloud and listening to my own shit. It’s a Ying-Yang thing, positive/negative. I love listening to my own shit, but then at the same time I get tired of it because I’ve been working on it so hard and just want to get it out there. That’s a good question though, you guys have had some good stumpers.


When you’re in the studio, are you super critical of your own work of is it just a flow?


When we’re in the studio, I’m a super perfectionist, but I think Drastik is a little less critical. It’s funny because when we work on a tune, as soon as it’s done and we feel like it’s done, Drastic wants to put it out; but I start second guessing shit. That’s just in my nature, I’ve always been a perfectionist when it comes to my creations, and that’s been my Achilles heel for a long time because I would create music and never put it out because I was never happy with it. Then when Thugli came around and put this new name in front of it, and I just kept putting shit out and people were loving it. There’s a Tom Wrecks vault right now that’s full of tunes from the last ten years that I’ve never put out because I was so critical of them. Some advice I have is: You won’t ever advance your music unless you put it out into the world. You can’t just sit on your own music. It’s a day and age where quantity rules over quality. The quality will catch people’s attention, everyone has a shitty song but no one remembers that, they remember the bangers. Definitely just keep putting your stuff out and share it with the world because you’ll never know the success of your songs if you don’t share it.


Nice, very inspirational.


Hopefully I gave you guys something good enough to put into print.

As of August 1st, Thugli has announced that they will be going on tour with another massive trap duo: Keys N’ Krates. Thugli seems to be moving forward with no signs of stopping as they release new music left and right and jump from one tour to the next.