The widely favorited music hub, Beatport, will be celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this year! Known for always keeping up to date with the latest tracks of the many genres of edm, Beatport has done quite the job of making a name for itself.

Now hitting such a high point, it is only fit something special be done. Beatport has brought together numbers over the past decade of top selling tracks, artists and more. It’s quite intriguing that some of the genres and producers you love may not be as popular as you would think!

The genre that has seemed to be very popular among many producers this year is deep house; which turns out has actually been rising over the years as well. While the once hard hitting and favored genre, dubstep, has actually began to decline. It will come as no surprise to some that the good feeling, beautiful sounds of Trance has kept it’s ranking very well since 2007.

Then of course, there are the producers. Joel Zimmerman, more commonly known as Deadmau5, has scored a spot as one of Beatports top selling artists. Along with Joel is young up and comer Martin Garrix; though his song “Animals” has seemed to hit high on main stream stations, it scored a spot at number 1 DJ charted tracks of all time, and certainly helped the young producer through into the scene in 2013.

Other artists in the top 10 are AviciiUmek, Afrojack, Laidback Luke and Mark Knight. These names have been hitting the mainstage hard over the years as well as the genres they play. Looking at the charts we can see that house and electro have stayed steady and dropped very little over time; which goes hand in hand with their producers and the tracks they have made.

One thing that has always seemed to do well, is of course, Beatport.  Always quick to have tracks before other sites do and as well as keeping up to date with the best of the best, it would seem once again, it has definitely out done itself with the perfect way to celebrate a huge anniversary. Our hats go off to you, congrats, and cheers to many more anniversaries to come!

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