Orange County duo Slander have really come far! It all started off as a friendship that blossomed at UC Irvine. Derek Andersen and Scott Land met as fraternity brothers and never put too much thought into djing. It was merely for fun and just to be done at parties around the area, but after some time it became a passion and a dream for them. After playing a show in Havasu the two knew they wanted a career in the EDM industry. A dream became reality and they began their journey into something bigger. There have been a few hit trap tracks to be played along the way, as well.

The new release brought to you today is from Slander, and is a remix of Arty’s new Insomniac hit  “Up All Night.” This track does a superb job of blending together smooth drops with an upbeat feel; its the perfect mix to make you wanna groove and sing your heart out! With a low-key trap beat, Slander has definitely figured out just how to keep the emotions high while keeping the beats low. Along with the sweet melody that’s paired with the vocal build ups of Angel Taylor, this song is perfect to make you want to feel some type of way.

The remix kicks off with a nice synthy, trap beat and drops instantly into Angels beautiful vocals, then switching to a nice mellow piano sound. Keeping the beat steady, Slander builds up emotions with simple and steady claps, and drops us back into the synthy sound that destroys instantly.

This track will be out 9/9 but you can listen to the track now on the duos soundcloud.

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