Dash Berlin wants to bring the crowd together.  “We Are” Part 1, does exactly that.  As his third studio album (to be released in two parts – the second nearing the end of the year), Dash stays true to his roots and presents us a carefully crafted marriage of melodies and vocals that is sure to foster the “feels.”

The emphasis of coming together as one is emphasized in his consistency of vocal and musical collaborations on the album.  For “We Are,” Dash teams up with 3LAU, Jay Cosmic and John Dahlbäck amongst a well-suited crop of talented producers.  All tracks bring forward angelic vocals from the likes of Bright Lights, Collin McLoughlin and Rigby.  Dash brings us on an emotional rollercoaster that could be felt through the passionate riffs and resonating lyrics in each song.  The uplifting producer and DJ seems to have nailed the formula for writing the right words and sounds to tug at our heartstrings.

The album opens with “Earth Meets Water,” which features Rigby, whose stunning falsetto gives the song a Coldplay-like sound.  The signature Dash Berlin drop comes into play after a slow but powerful build-up.  We’re treated to soothing, harmonious breakdowns in “People of the Night,” and “Never Let You Go.”  Lifting us higher and more upbeat through a merging of 3LAU and Dash’s signature melodies, we’re treated to the electric vocals of Bright Lights in the song “Somehow.”

“Underneath the Sky” is noted to become a festival favourite; being a song the crowd will easily learn the lyrics to and subsequently sing to in unison with Christon Rigby’s smooth vocals.

As one of the most familiar tracks off of the new album, “Here Tonight” brings forward strong vocals and lyrics that really resonate with listeners.  With a powerful anthem-like chorus, this upbeat dance track has already quickly taken over the crowd at many of this year’s summer festivals, including Dash’s closing sunrise set at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

“Leave it all Behind” is produced with Syzz and features the raspy yet intriguing vocals of Adam Jensen, whose passion is heard in harmony with the pleasant strumming that underlies.

A slow ballad with emotion-filled vocals brings the album to a close.  “Shelter,” featuring Roxanne Emery, winds it all down perfectly with her reassurance that she’ll be there after the storm.  After all – we’re all in this together, remember?


Dash Berlin has created a collection of songs that are sure to unite people at festivals, club shows, or simply amongst one another through a love for feel-good dance music.  We’ll be sure to catch them live at one of his energy-filled shows, with tissues and iPad in hand.  The album is officially released on August 29th, and is available via pre-order at the link below.


Full Tracklist:
Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft Collin McLoughlin, “Here Tonight”
Dash Berlin ft Christon Rigby, “Underneath The Sky”
Dash Berlin & John Dahlbäck ft BullySongs, “Never Let You Go”
Dash Berlin & Disfunktion ft Chris Arnott, “People Of The Night”
Dash Berlin & 3LAU ft Bright Lights, “Somehow”
Dash Berlin & Rigby, “Earth Meets Water”
Dash Berlin & Syzz ft Adam Jensen, “Leave It All Behind”
Dash Berlin ft Roxanne Emery, “Shelter”

To pre-order via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/we-are-part-1/id888376741


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