Havoc Thursdays got dirty this week in Santa Ana; The White Rabbit Group brought Zomboy’s Outbreak Tour featuring Eptic to The Yost Theater.  Prior to the event, we had heard nothing but positive things about this tour, and even better things about the venue and promotion group.

When we arrived, Buygore All-Star Jauz took to the decks.  His set started off with some down-tempo trap, which wasn’t the greatest way to kick off the evening, but it quickly transitioned into some AC-Slater-esque bass house.  The crowd was brimming with anticipation for two of the heaviest bass musicians in electronic music, so he kicked things into high gear by dropping heavy trap bangers, hardstyle for days, and face melting dubstep.  People started pouring in, and by the end of his set, they had closed off the floor area because it had reached capacity.  Jauz left the stage with a packed house, and the bar set for Eptic.

Eptic, a Belgian university student and dubstep powerhouse, absolutely stole the show.  I mean, he took the stage with full force, skyrocketing whatever level Jauz had set the crowd to.  Throughout the course of his set, he managed to play his recklessly bass-ridden tracks “Mastermind,” “Brainstorm,” “Like A Boss,” and “Z” while still managing to mix in classic dubstep tracks like Flux Pavillion’s “OneTwoThree.” His mixing was flawless, his energy was through the roof, the mosh pits were almost constant, and his track selection was as dirty as it gets.  Eptic will join Destroid, Rusko, Skrillex, and Bassnectar in my top five for best dubstep sets I have ever experienced.

Following Eptic’s superb set was the man of the hour, Zomboy.  As soon as he stepped up to the decks, it was clear that the venue had some tricks up their sleeves.  All the accoutrements were revealed once he started spinning; a massive LED wall behind him, CO2 cannons, confetti, giant inflatable balloons, and moving trussing systems with lights (like the ones you see at the Mega Structure at Ultra Music Festival) all came out to play.  I wish all these cool gimmicks could have translated into a better opening, but for the first 45 minutes or so, it seemed like he was sticking with a Beatport Top 40 set with hits like “Welcome To The Jungle.” I don’t mean any disrespect by that if that’s what you’re into, but I did not think that you could transition from a set like Eptic’s into one that could have been spun by any cake throwing electro-house artist. On top of that, it seemed that there was a distinct lack of communication between Zomboy and Eptic seeing as he dropped three tracks that had been played in the set right before.  Luckily, he edged his way back into dropping some thundering dubstep tracks like “Survivors,” “Terror Squad,” and his newest track, “Immunity” to make up for it. The crowd was rocking with him throughout his time on stage, and he finished stronger than I was expecting leaving me with a very content feeling about the evening.

A big thanks to White Rabbit Group for putting on the show and having us out!