The cockney thug of dubstep is back with full force.  Today, Rusko releases his newest five track EP, “!.”  This time around, he’s managed to reshape his classic low-frequency, “wub-wub” sound to something that has the potential to satisfy everyone from the heaviest bass enthusiast to the alternative EDM snob.  Here we go through each of his tracks and break them down one-by-one to give you our pure, unadulterated thoughts on the new “!” EP.


Like A Boss:

The first track on this EP features a heavy kickdrum, heavy synths, and a flurry of almost Seinfeld-worthy bass riffs.  “Like A Boss” has a decent amount of washboard bass and classic Rusko vocal samples, but the breaks in this song filled with the aforementioned Seinfeld-worthy bass riffs make this feel more like a Kill Paris production than a new Rusko tune.  Still bump worthy, just a little funkier than we’re used to.


This one starts off a little more promising, using an intro similar to the one from “Roll Da Beats” off his last album, “Songs.”  You are quickly met with a snapping snare and quick, upbeat synth loops. As it progresses, the upbeat tone of the track is only exacerbated by big, rolling synths reminiscent of upcoming artist, Lido’s more recent remixes. The song continues with necessary breaks and violin samples that only add to this orchestral, uplifting production.

My Style:

Catchy right off the bat; the fast-paced, frog-sounding sample hooks you within the first three seconds.  It reminds me almost exactly of the opening from Mr. Carmack’s “Birth Control,” but is shortly met with an accompanying saxophone beat and HEAVY 808-ridden kick drum.  Towards the end of the song, he hits you with a fast-paced, growling bassline that continues until the track is over.  This song seems like Rusko trying his hand with trap, and coming up with a pretty decent result; if nothing else, it showcases how versatile he is as an artist.

Happy Chords:

Ah, sweet serenity; Rusko is back.  In this track, he takes a melodic synth pattern, long, rolling basslines, hi-hats, snares, and whooshing samples and beautifully sews each piece together to form a beautiful, chilled-out dubstep track.  This fantastic song remains incredibly uplifting, hence “Happy Chords,” while maintaining the title of a trite and true dubstep track.  My favorite song off this EP by far.

Rusko’s Theme:

The 8-bit samples paired with the cabaret piano in this track’s intro threw me for a bit of a spin as I was expecting something a bit…dirtier for Rusko’s own, personal theme song.  It continues on to introduce an uptempo drum beat and a synth pattern that brings me back to Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, way back when.  As the song plays through, theres no shortage of the cabaret piano or Seinfeld bass riffs, which left me a bit confused.  It may not be for every Rusko enthusiast, but it is definitely an unexpected insight into the life of Christopher Mercer, if in fact he would use this as his theme.


“!” showcases Rusko’s ability to break ground in whatever genre he so decides, while maintaining an essence of his original sound.  This may not be every Rusko fan’s instant classic, but at least when he experiments with alternative genres, he doesn’t resort to Beatport Top 40, tribal beat-ridden crap.  I support this release wholeheartedly, as I’ve done with all his other releases, but you can’t help but crave a little “Woo Boost” while listening.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Be on the look-out for our interview with Rusko, coming very soon!

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