Last weekend, I traveled to Governor’s Island to experience the #NewGoreOrder firsthand.  The hashtag, stemming from his upcoming album, represents not only the new title, but a lifestyle of ratchetry, heavy bass music, and “a world where there is no war because everybody is high on life.”

Michael Woods was on the decks when my ferry got to the island, and the energy was bursting at the seams.  The sun may not have dropped yet, but he was definitely setting the bar for the evening.  Amongst riling up those in the front row and spraying champagne on them multiple times, he managed to drop everything from ‘Clanga’ to ‘Turn Down For What’ which made for a decently diverse set.  Next up was Waka Flocka Flame.

I honestly had no preconceived notions when it came to Waka’s live set.  I really had not done any research to see what he usually played, whether or not it was with a live band, etc, and I think that’s what made it that much more spectacular.  Waka took the stage by bike, bottle of Fireball in hand, and posse trailing shortly behind.  The moment he started spitting into his microphone, everyone went f***ing crazy.  He jumped into the crowd for the duration of his song “Bustin At Em” bouncing with every person on the island.  Security desperately tried to pull him back on stage, but he kept pushing through.  Eventually he got back on stage and premiered his “new EDM track” to us; I believe he introduced it as “Too Drunk To Drive.”  The beat reminded me of any top-40 Beatport hit, and the lyrics seemed misplaced, but it was interesting to see what direction he’s heading in after spending so much time with major EDM players.

Then began the #NewGoreOrder.  Michael Woods set the bar, Waka absolutely tore it up, and Asaf  was left to an island full of high-energy, patriotically-themed, sauced-up party-goers ready to rage.  I didn’t know what kind of set Borgore was going to spin; after his releases “Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse” and “Wild Out ft. Waka Flocka,” I thought he might have settled on electro/house for good.  However, he opened his set with a track off his new album with Malcolm McDowell titled (surprise) “#NEWGOREORDER” that was full of growling bass lines and promise for the rest of the night.  Over the course of his hour and a half set, he dropped some of the heaviest bass tracks in the game including Figure’s “Beast Mode,” Bare’s “Staxx,” Getter’s remix of “All Day I Dream,” and What So Not’s “Jaguar.”  His set list was impressive, but no Borgore set is complete without ratchet antics.  In addition to the excess of champagne sprayed into the crowd, he was joined on stage by about six scantily-clad women on more than one occasion and filled the position of conductor for a twerking orchestra perfectly.  People, still high on patriotism from the day prior, started “USA” chants whenever there was an appropriate break in drops, only to be affirmed by the man himself with, “America is the greatest place in the world.”  It sure is, Borgore, it sure is.