When most people think of the driving forces behind the current EDM industry, they think it is purely the men who bring the claim to fame behind the decks; however, in recent years, we’ve seen acts like Nervo, Anna Lunoe, and Brazzabelle make sizable waves in the testosterone-ridden empire.  Today, we’re gonna take a moment to introduce you to another female producer in the process of changing the face of EDM, Hannah Wants.

Since 2010, Hannah has dedicated her life to perfecting her unique and commanding style, which has had a profound and powerful impact on clubbers as well as her peers. As a result she soon found herself in high demand: gaining residencies, winning competitions and playing at prestigious events all around the globe! Since then, Hannah’s tracks and mixes have continued to be played and recognized, gaining momentum with every release. One thing, amongst many, that sets Wants apart from other DJs is her continued stream of free music. With this being said Ms. Wants released a flawlessly crafted 24+ track ‘mixtape’ on her SoundCloud page as a free download for all to enjoy; it encompasses her favorite current tracks. In 2013 Hannah signed with Echo Location Talent Agency in the UK and AM Only in the USA. She has now permanently left her mark on the dance music scene and firmly taking her position next to the UK’s top DJ’s, producer’s, and songwriter’s. With her ability to continually surprise us & blow us away with her unique and creative work the future is endless for her! This summer we are very pleased to announce that Hannah Wants will be taking the stage at HARD Summer 2014 in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. Hannah takes to the stage Sunday Aug. 3rd from 3:30 – 4:30 at the Green Tent. This event is SOLD OUT!

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