From the depths of the concrete jungle known as Brooklyn comes the mystifying musical movement known simply as WE CHIEF.  The Raggatronic collective is set to release their summer anthem “Gyals From Brooklyn”, featuring dancehall don Da Professor as a Free Download via SoundCloud. Effortlessly fusing Dancehall Reggae and EDM, We Chief has created a monster track that will be heating up the clubs, radio and festival circuit all summer long!

This track is just downright dirty. Opening with a simple reggae groove, it quickly drops into a truly original mix of wobble bass and moombahton break patterns. When the reggae vocals come back in, it really drives home the raggatronic vibe. The coolest thing about this song is that no matter where it is played, it seems to fit the setting. The reggae roots could fit any pool party, while the more EDM qualities of it could liven up any festival or club. WE CHIEF is on to something big here, and I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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