BASEMENT JAXX will be in San Francisco this month on Saturday, July 12 @ Public Works – the legendary disco-house duo are set to premiere their seventh studio album Junto on August 27.  If you can’t catch Basement Jaxx on the 12th, be sure to see check out their remaining North American tour dates:

7/16–Verboten–Brooklyn, New York

7/17–The Hoxton–Toronto, Ontario

Basement Jaxx is not only an amazing act to see live, but they also throw down some really great DJ sets that could make you dance till your feet just can’t take it anymore. After the success of Their last album Scars, this British born duo has really set the bar for their new album to be nothing but great.

You can also check out the music video from Basement Jaxx for their song “Unicorn” which is a visually stunning animation that is not only entertaining, but once paired with their groovy beat, is purely awesome.