“Persistence Of Vision” is a house EP by Rodriguez Jr. off of Mobilee, that not only flows smoothly and gracefully, but also isn’t afraid to try something new. The opening track, which shares the title of the EP, drops you into a funky beat that once is paired with the dark synth and vocals becomes one of the hottest tracks released all summer. The remix of “Persistence Of Vision” is done by the German DJ Re. You, who makes the song just as stunning as the original. “Mustang” is the next track and is a beautiful deep journey into some nice bouncy synths accompanied by some great house drum patterns. To close the EP is the song “Aldebaran” which is a 7 minute groove session. every second of this last track is pure house bliss, that is the perfect way to tie together this flowing, smooth compilation of summer jams. Mobilee will introduce its first ever free, bi-weekly Ibiza residency starting Monday, July 14th on the poolside dance floor of Hotel Santos Ibiza Coast Suites and Rodriguez Jr. is scheduled to deliver a sensational and intimate live set.
Additionally, in a series of four events, Hotel Silken Diagonal’s infamous cozy Barcelona rooftop, in conjunction with mobilee records, will host Rodriguez Jr. to close out the season along with Sebo K and Re.You on Thursday, September 9th.

Catch Rodriguez Jr. at mobilee’s residency at Hotel Santos in Ibiza on the following dates:

14 July – alongside Anja Schneider, Igor Vicente

8 September – alongside Anja Schneider, Re.You

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