Thousands of decorated traveling cars, hundreds of plane flights from across the world, and people of different races and ethnicities coming together for one main event, the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More than 345,000 people poured through the gates of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this past weekend as the 4th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas commenced. This Sin City gem could only be described as a dazzling, multi-sensory ode to electronic dance music. Throughout the weekend, seven stages featured some of the biggest names in the music genre, including Hardwell, Martin Garrix, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and Above & Beyond. Ferris wheels lifted riders high into the warm desert sky and fanciful, lifelike animatronic sculptures glowed and spewed fire into the desert night, and fireworks acted as beacons for patrons miles around.



As most attendees know, Insomniac likes to address them as the real “headliners” of the show, despite the absolutely packed musical lineup. With people traveling from every state and some 40 different countries for a massive dance party that starts at sundown and ends at sunrise, it seems like the only thing Paquale Rotella could do.

If you have never attended the Electric Daisy Carnival, it takes place under the desert moon at the Las Vegas Motor SpeedWay; located conveniently 20 miles away from the Las Vegas strip. Within a few weeks time, the Speedway is transformed from a concrete racetrack into a land of mystery, wonder, and of course the breeding grounds for the best of what dance music has to offer us today! Each stage has a particular focus, whether it be genre of music, up and coming talent, or todays “EDM-rockstars.”

With each stage being so different in many ways, from the architecture, to the lighting, pyros, and visual LED panels, each performance is guaranteed to be unique. From the lowering and rising LED panels at the arched tent like structure we call “The Circuit Grounds,” to the formation of an ancient Egyptian pyramid at the “Basspod,” every stage will bring you new experiences and have you bare witness to something that will never be forgotten.


The Kinetic Field is the center piece of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival; from its 500 foot span and staggering height of almost 100 feet, this stage was clearly made for the masses. Every year they decorate it with some type of theme to go along with the festival. This year the stage was created and put together to look like a cathedral with two towering, semi-animatronic owls on each side; the DJ was located directly in the center of this work of art. At this stage we ran into some familiar faces like Alesso, Dash Berlin, DJ Snake, and Fedde Le Grand. We exchanged a few brief words with the artists and then watched them, what seemed like slow motion, walk up the towering stairs backstage to take there position behind the decks.


No service? No problem! Attendees are more than familiar the bad quality of cell phone service that EDC brings. This year insomniac teamed up with “Snapchat ” to help you stay in touch with your friends who attended with you, as well as those watching from home. Snapchat added a feature to the ‘My Story’ part of the app that is specifically identifies your location and recognizes that you are at EDC.  It sent your snap to the “EDC My Story” along with every other patron who could find wifi This allows you to take a picture or video of yourself wherever you are at the festival, and send it to all others with the new update so you can share the experience, or have some sort of hope of finding one another and meeting up.


With attendance at an all time high, and the heat reaching up to the mid 90s at night, water seemed to be very scarce. When you’re in the middle of a crowd with 20,000 plus people it becomes very difficult to maneuver in and out to go find some water. When the water stations are so spread out, and there are so few of them, it becomes a daunting task just to get a drink. A big problem for EDC, especially in Vegas, is people becoming dehydrated and passing out. To add to this, when you’re at one of the big stages and crammed in the middle, the temperature rises because of all the body heat being produced. There is no air flow or ventilation, even though it is an outdoors event. I think that in the future there should be more water stations spread about, especially next to the stages and or in them, and also have some type of fan or air flow that can cool people down at these stages.

With ticket sales selling out in record setting seconds, and prices sky rocketing this year, Pasquale Rotella, CEO and Founder of Insomniac Events, had officially announced that this years EDC will be Curated. Insomniac has partnered up with 7up to bring people at the home best experience possible. Unlike Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas is not live streaming but rather broadcasting event. Here is what Pasquale had to say:

” With EDC Curated, we are producing a unique experience that allows those watching around the world to select and view handpicked footage that highlights different aspects of the show. In doing so, we also preserve the experience for those fans that attend in the flesh.”


As the sun slowly sets each night and the bustle of cars start to line up to get into the motor speedway, we could hear music from all different directions and see costumes from what seemd like another world. People with bracelets lined up there arms, or what they call “kandi,” faces painted till there unrecognizable, wild hair concoctions, and little to no clothing. Once you have entered EDC you are emerged into what feel like a small city controlled by the rhythm of the music and lights that brighten the hot summer night.


” This is not just an event, its an cultural movement. It brings people together for one reason, the love of dance music. People come here to be free of there problems.”

– EDC Attendee

As we traveled the festival grounds though out the weekend we saw strangers exchanging smiles, laughter, and good vibes that brought warm hearted feelings, with a few to none altercations with security. As the sun started to rise on the early mornings, people turned from decorated beauties to dirt and sweat covered party goers. Nonetheless each night was more than a success, and the experience that Insomniac curated will not be long-forgotten.

” Our goal is to organize events that point towards something bigger that just a party. We would like to create nights that begin friendships and bring people together to celebrate life, music and dance. Nights that many of us will remember years from now.” – Pasquale Rotella

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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Statistics:

  • 400,000 Headliners
  • 6,300 Video Tiles
  • 4,911 Streamer Sleeves
  • 1,370 Light Fixtures
  • 102 Confetti Blowers
  • 70 Legal Marriages
  • 50 CDJs
  • 33 Mixers