Recently we got the opportunity to connect with Lets Be Friends, an international dance duo that has been quickly making waves over the past year or so. We were fortunate to catch up with them during the Mysteryland USA music festival, of which they became huge advocates. They even created the Mysteryland theme, a reworking of Jefferson Aeroplane’s “White Rabbit”. We asked them about their careers, thoughts on the scene, and how they felt about the festival. Jonney and Oren turned out to be super cool individuals, with many years of insight and some wise words to share.


Electric Sloth: What are your backgrounds in music?

Jonney: I started producing dance music 11 years ago and I produced underground dance/trance. Oren’s about the same. I started in England, him in Israel. As we built our careers, we worked with the same agent and bumped into each other on the road, built a friendship and the rest is history. We coincidentally met on a plane to New York, shared cigarettes when I still smoked them, and hit it off.

ES: Are you producing and performing full-time?

J: More than full-time. This is our full-time careers for the rest of our lives and we’re more ready for it than ever.

ES: You describe your music as Full Flavor Dance Music. Can you explain that?

J: It’s an easy way to get a snapshot of what we sound like. We summarize it. It’s everything. It’s a collage of everything that makes us us since we decided to like things. From the movies we like to the clothes we wear. We express that, and the music we play is the vehicle. The attitude itself is what’s important. As long as we all find ourselves unified we can realize we’re all a lot more alike than we realize. It’s about having a career in having good taste and decision making. We want to remind fans that we’re the minority and it should never be the other way around. We need to work hard to make them have a good time not cater to us.



ES: How do you feel about DJs being so front-facing and important as a visual figure now?

J: Half the time you would go to parties you never knew where the DJ was. A generation that has been doing this for 5 years doesn’t need to know about who is there, but if this is your first party you don’t have the confidence unless you see a guy on stage bouncing around like a nut case. Now you have a visual point and it gives you confidence. It’s like cinema for everyone to look at and enjoy as a group. It could be perceived as an ego trip, but if you use that time to do something selfless, the negative mindset is totally in reverse. It depends on how you handle the attention and appreciate the influence. LET’S get down. Not like now YOU do this and YOU do that. It’s more relaxed if we’re doing it all together.

Oren: It makes people think it’s real.

ES: What has been your most positive experience as Let’s Be Friends?

J: The best part of this is being reminded that the human race hasn’t changed one iota. They all want the same fun. The only thing that has changed is maybe the BPM. It’s the same as Woodstock. I realized a year and a half ago, everyone from Elvis to Woodstock to EDM just wants to have a good time. They want a middle ground, a meeting point. What feels great is that what you believe in feels real and you’re a part of it.

ES: What is your impression of Mysteryland, and has Woodstock influenced you at all?

J: It all hit me at the gates. Everyone knows Woodstock. You hear all about it but as soon as you step on the grass it’s so significant. It’s like watching a comedian from a while ago and you don’t really relate to it but you still find it funny because it’s so important to so many people. If I would have come here a week ago I would have been blown away because it’s Woodstock, but to be here now doing what they did, that’s mental. I feel the air, smell the grass, the grass that grows naturally not the grass in the other sense. This is a relief to so many more people than just us, and that’s when it hits you. It’ s unity. We’ve all been waiting for this but now we’ve cut out the riff raff and we’re the ones who actually came.

ES: Any future releases or collaborations?

J: We want to challenge ourselves. We’re dying for the opportunity to be vulnerable and conquer things we’re not used to. That’s when you get groundbreaking material. We’re going to make really out there stuff. If you get the chance to see our show please come and look. We have a good time and we want to keep having a good time.


If you want to check out Lets Be Friends for yourself, feel free to go to their Facebook, and Soundcloud pages.


Contributers: Danie Fishman