At the recent Mysteryland Electronic Music Culture and Arts Festival. Electric Sloth had the privilege of catching up with the master of horror himself, Josh Gard, otherwise known as Figure. Since his start only a few years ago, his has gained a huge following based around his dark and gritty electronic music. As soon as we sat down with him it was apparent that he loves his music, and is in this for all the right reasons. Check out what he had to say:


Electric Sloth: Okay, to start, it’s a pretty big deal that Woodstock was 45 years ago.  Did you hear about it growing up? Has it influenced you musically?


Figure: In indirect ways. No one in my family went, but I brought it up to my grandparents and my grandma commented on how horrible it was, but of course that’s the grandma’s opinion.


ES: Do you feel that electronic music is our current reflection of the music of that time?


F: I could see that. People freaked out about Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar solos and the wah sound. I could see that being related to certain sound design things when bass music sound got bigger and crazier. It’s about hearing new things.


ES: You use a lot of samples in your music so you can relate to that.


F: Yeah it breaks it up and makes it not as monotonous.


ES: Why do you choose to make music on the darker side of things? What has led you to that?


F: That’s what I like day in and day out even when it’s not related to music. Like television; I watch different types of shows, but otherwise I’m in the basement watching old VHS’s of horror movies. Growing up I stayed in my grandparents’ basement and I had the Beetlejuice and Addams Family VHS. I watched them like six times a day. I would watch Doug and would like it, but felt it was weak. It didn’t resonate with me. I grew up on darker backpack hip hop and punk like The Misfits.


ES: And will that sound stay consistent in your music?


F: Yeah, I do stuff sometimes that isn’t scary, but the moment I put it out I wish I would have done something else with it. I could make my career grow if I did spread out, but I’m not worried about my career and money. I’m just making music and it’s cool. If I get broke as hell I’ll make a new alias and make pop stuff.


ES: And you are a full-time artist, right?


F: Right. I make money from touring and a little from digital sales or licensing. I can’t license too much due to how many samples are in my music. TV shows will hit me up for songs and I can’t do it.


ES: I heard some of your tracks off of your Monsters album are being used at Universal Studios Parks Fright Nights. Can you explain that?


F: We got in contact with them and they have a bunch of haunted houses. They have used a couple tracks off of my Monsters albums for one of them called Monsters Remix.


(You can learn more about Fright Nights here.)


ES: You’ll keep the monsters albums going?


F: The fifth one is six or seven tracks deep and because it’s done so early I’m just going to keep adding things along with working on some EPs.


ES: Who are some artists that inspire you?


F: I kind of look outside of electronic music. I dig it, but there’s no electronic music on my phone. I don’t really look at artists specifically, but more like the way people operate things. Like Rob Zombie who goes back and forth from scoring movies, making albums and stage productions. I vibe off of making the whole package in general.


ES: Any future releases or collaborations?


F: I have a release with OWSLA. It doesn’t sound like I made it. I can’t tell you who is singing on it, but you won’t be able to tell I made it. I have a two release contract with OWSLA. Monsters 5 is coming out and a Ninja Turtles remix that will be timed with the movie.


ES: If you could tell all your fans one thing what would it be?


F: Steal all my music? I don’t know. haha.


So it seems that Figure is content on continuing to produce what he is known for, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


If you can’t get enough of Figure, be sure to catch him at the upcoming Electric Zoo in New York!



Also, check out his Facebook and Soundcloud.


Contributer: Danie Fishman