1. AFI- The main act out of the whole weekend that stood out the most was AFI. The anthems of 2006 goth-punk rock came back alive for their allotted time during the day and it was overly epic. It was hot, dusty, and all of their best songs made the crowd go wild. Intense mosh pits were lead

2. Deorro- Deorro threw down a monster Bounce set that had more energy than any other DJ set at Coachella. With nearly flawless transitions, it flowed smoothly from start to finished. Deorro even brought up a few special guest for their new collaboration which should be released soon! He played all of his bangers and the crowd could definitely get down to that Melbourne sound.

3. Galantis – It was a pleasure to see Galantis play the entirety of their nearly perfect debut self-titled EP, as well as many other uplifting house tracks. They also had one of the most impressive special guests, Kaskade; it was a real treat. The set went by too quickly and left me wanting more, but for their debut, Glantis nailed it from start to finish.  It was a pleasure to have seen it.

4. Flume – One of the main attractions for many was Flume, and it showed in the crowd. It was completely over packed far past the tent itself. Being in the middle of the commotion was more than intense. The set Harley threw down was impeccable and it was a true pleasure to experience it. It would have been a much better choice to have had this performance on any of the other stages crowd wise, but the sound and vibes were incredible.

5. The Glitch Mob – The stage presence The Glitch Mob brought was completely unique to any other performer this year at Coachella. With live percussion and their custom “Blade” DJ equipment, it was a whole new experience to EDM. The Glitch Mob played an incredible set from songs off of both of their albums, as well as remixes. It was a perfect combination of new and old.

6. Headhunterz – As Headhunterz came to the stage I was worried the Coachella crowd would have no idea how to react to Hardstyle. With Euphoric beats and pounding bass lines, the crowd was able to feel the raw energy that Headhunterz brought. He even surprised the crowd with a very noticeably trap influenced set. The shift in his style is becoming evident and the future is looking very bright.

7. Kid Cudi – The crowd never stopped singing a long to what was the standout Hip Hop act of Saturday. It was a constant ride of classics warm and deer to many of the attendees hearts. Kid Cudi even played both the original, and Steve Aoki remix of “Pursuit of Happiness” which pleased the purists as well as the people looking for a dance party. HAIM & MGMT also made surprise appearances during his preformance. It was fitting that the spaceman art installation was at the main stage

8. Flosstradamus – Flosstradamus always throws down an unreal set of Trap/Hip Hop, but having them preform on 4/20 was a surreal pleasure. The duo is notorious for their consumption of marijuana, and on the unofficial holiday you could tell Floss was having the time of their lives. Dillon Francis came out briefly to give the crowd a little bit of a Dillstradamus experience.

9. RL Grime – Every time RL Grime preforms he brings a high energy set, and Coachella was no difference. Most of the crowd was constantly vibing and getting down to the bass heavy trap set, which contributed to an amazing atmosphere. As he dropped “Tell Me”, the monster collaboration with What So Not, the crowd went nuts.

10. Pet Shop Boys – As the crowd started to amass for Pet Shop Boys, the funky beats started to play throughout the sound system. The two members of the act emerged in extravagant outfits which contributed to an exceptional, theatrical performance. Their stage presence also included a pair of minotaurs that danced in perfect unison.

Throughout Coachella one stage stood out much more than the rest, and that of course is the EDM filled Sahara tent. If there was ever a break between sets to see, one could wander over and dance their butt off. The only problem I had with the festival throughout the three days was the selection of the Friday Sahara Tent “closer,” Michael Brun. On the other two nights Skrillex & Duck Sauce, two extremely large names in EDM, closed out the stage, but Michael has less than 50,000 fans (on Facebook). Numbers aren’t everything (apparently), but his crowd was small, and there could have been, without a doubt, a different headliner. The amazing selection & quality of the food was unbelievable. Everything from gourmet vegan cuisine to Pink’s hotdogs. Grilled Cheese sandwiches, pad thai, and pizza were also extremely popular choices. If you were looking for a specific type of food, there was a good chance you could find it at Coachella.

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Contributing Writer: Brian Anderson

Cover Shot: Elliot Stokes